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Goodly automates student loan repayment and 529 contributions

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prefer student loan benefits
over 401(k) contribution

We help employers attract top talent, reduce attrition, and improve employee engagement. Whether you're a startup or a Fortune 500, we'll help you provide a benefit to accelerate your employees' financial wellness.

Boost your benefits

  • Attract and retain top talent

    86% of employees say they’d stay
    with a company at least 5 years with
    this benefit.

  • Hire faster

    53% of candidates would consider
    a salary cut for this benefit.

  • Support a diverse workforce

    Women, people of color, and the LGBTQ
    community are burdened with higher
    student loan debt.

Empower your employees

  • Give peace of mind

    With this benefit, missed payments and
    default become a worry of the past.

  • Help save on interest

    By contributing on top of employees’
    monthly payments, you can help them
    avoid compounding interest.

  • Fast-track financial freedom

    Employees can reduce their payment
    periods by 30%.

Goodly automates the process for you

We support companies of all sizes and budgets.

Get started with three simple steps


Design your contribution plan

Our student loan specialists will help you set up a plan that fits your business.


Sync your payroll

Goodly connects with popular payroll providers to automatically process contributions.


Watch it work

Employees add their own information and manage their student loan accounts.

Measure your impact

Goodly helps you contribute to your employees’ student loans, on top of their regular payments. Employees can automate payments directly from their paycheck to save on interest and pay-off debt faster.

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As a company that values simplifying once complicated processes, Goodly’s highly automated and easy-to-use platform was an excellent fit for us. Our rollout of Goodly was met with a lot of excitement from our employees. It was instantly clear that it was going to be a valued benefit for our team.

Nick Sedlet


Offering a Student Loan Repayment Benefit is a great low cost and high impact benefit to attract and retain talent while alleviating some of the stress and the financial burden on our employees.

Kimberly Alessi


We are always looking for ways to attract and retain talent. Unemployment rates are low, so we were looking for a unique offering that would make Esker stand out against other employers. We just rolled this benefit out and our employees have been VERY excited about this. Probably one of the best received new benefits we have offered!

Anne Donarski