Billy McGrath

Head of Business Development at Goodly. Junior at Dartmouth College, studying Quantitative Social Science and Computer Science. Originally from Connecticut. Loves skiing and all Boston sports.



Women Hold the Majority of Student Debt

Student loan debt has eclipsed $1.6 trillion in the United States, and women are shouldering the majority of the weight. While women make up 56% of American university students,…

March 01 2019
student loans

Student Loan Debt Regrets

A new Student Lending Survey by Citizens Bank suggests that graduates regret not doing more thinking towards the future as it pertains to student loans. Of those surveyed, 74%…

February 25 2019

Parent PLUS Loans: A Growing Crisis

The national student debt balance continues to skyrocket, but it’s not just students feeling the crushing weight. Millions of parents have taken out Parent PLUS loans to support…

January 16 2019

Eliminating Debt Leads to Happiness

According to the American Psychology Association, money is the leading source of stress for American adults. Debt, especially, increases stress and negatively affects overall…

January 11 2019