Ways To Pay Off Student Loan Debt With Other People's Money

Billy McGrath
February 16 2019
Ways To Pay Off Student Loan Debt With Other People's Moneycover

You probably have already heard the statistics. 44 million Americans are in student loan debt. 7 out of 10 graduates had to borrow to afford school. The national student debt balance is over $1.6 trillion. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could use someone else’s money to help pay back some of that debt? Here are some ways to make that happen:

*1. Stealing

Just kidding. We’ll only be dealing with legitimate ways to pay off student loans.

1. Get your employer to help

Today, about 4% of employers are offering student loan repayment benefits, but this number is expected to grow in the near future. Student loan benefits have been shown to boost recruiting and retention for employers, as well as improve employee engagement and productivity. 

The average adult is graduating college with $40,000 of student loan debt. A typical repayment period will be 20 years, with the balance accruing interest at the national average of an 8% rate. An employer contribution of $100 per month towards employee student loan debt can get the average borrower out of debt over 8 years faster and save them over $20,000.

Companies like Goodly are offering platforms that make it increasingly easy and affordable for employers to offer student loan benefits, as well. While it is unlikely that your current or potential company is offering the benefit, do not be afraid to ask for it.

2. Volunteering

There are also some organizations popping up that are offering payment towards student loan debt in exchange for volunteer work.

Websites like www.sponsorchange.org let you search areas to help like disaster relief or politics, among others things. In return, you receive payments towards education debt.

Nonprofits and businesses can recruit help for projects through the Shared Harvest Fund, an online site where borrowers can build a profile and list social causes they’re interested in contributing to. Volunteers receive monthly stipends to work on the projects for anywhere from $250 to $1,000.

3. Move to a state offering student loan assistance

Some states, like Maine, are using student loan repayment assistance to attract younger residents to live and work there. There are some variances based on graduation year and birth state, but the general programs allows people to deduct their yearly student loan payments from their state income tax payment.

In Newburgh Heights, Ohio, the government will pay off half your student loan debt if you purchase a house of $50,000 or more within five years of graduating from a four-year accredited college or university. 

4. Apps/online

Givling, a trivia app, lets student loan borrowers compete in weekly team challenges to win around $5,000 per person. The education registry Gift of College allows you to create a profile where your friends and family can contribute to paying down your student loan debt. 

Know of any other ways to use other people’s money to pay off your student loans? Let us know!

Billy McGrath
February 16 2019